What Defines Beauty in A Woman?

Contrary to many individuals, a woman’s beauty lies beyond her physical outlook. They judge from the physical appearance as defined by the mass media and pop culture.

Make-up fails to meet the following definitions of beauty in women:

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There is a stereotype that considers women “nonintellectuals.” It is a myth!

A woman who pursues knowledge and truth about the world is crucial. Besides, it depicts her beauty that surpasses her physical appearance.

Knowledge forms a basis for women’s empowerment in society, making it an attractive scenario in the world.

A confident woman

Confidence, not bragging! It means that the woman is proud of her looks, actions, thoughts, and language.

It does not include the desire to be noticed for either of the abovementioned traits.

A confident woman does not require other people’s assurance about her feelings, thoughts, actions, or other identity factors.

A committed and determined woman

A woman’s commitment and determination to fight life battles make her more beautiful than her outward appearance.

Readiness, passion, and determination to pursue her goals display the invested energy appealing to the people related to and close to her.

A resilient woman

A woman who perseveres to life circumstances can be considered beautiful.

It is inspiring to be a woman determined to face the challenges in life, including physical health, career, or marriage.

She is always determined to make the best out of life.

A compassionate woman

A woman who is not self-centered tends to display a form of incomparable beauty.

A vindictive woman fails to attract other people who happen to be around her or those in close relationships.



Resolute | Enthusiastic | Relentless

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